3 курс «Технология транспортных процессов»

parties; b) consignments; c) collections; d) detachments

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parties; b) consignments; c) collections; d) detachments

Variant 3.

  1. Conditions of a B/L may vary for each company but they …. on “The Hague Rules” .

  1. must be based; b) may be based; c) is to be based.

  1. Bareboat Charter means that the charterer ….a bare vessel from the owner which is entirely entrusted to his care.

  1. hire; b) hires; c) is hired.

  1. A vessel … under arrest only by a maritime claim even when it is ready to sail.

  1. may be put; b) may be putting; c) must be put.

  1. Claims arising out of the carriage of the goods in multimodal transport ….against the carrier who delivered the cargo to the place of destination.

  1. made; b) are made; c) is to be made.

  1. We …..recently the notice from the port of arrival of the cargo shipped by you and covered by your B/L.

  1. have received; b) are received; c) received.

  1. Under the contract we … for the goods provided.

  1. shall pay; b) may pay; c) are to pay.

  1. Unfortunately our Consignee reported that the cargo of 19 pallets of sheet metal ….by water.

  1. was damaged; b) has been damaged; c) had been damaged.

  1. If you……to pay we have no alternative but to take legal proceedings against the vessel.

  1. didn’t agree; b) won’t agree; c) don’t agree.

  1. The cargo ……onto a flat trailer by employees of the shipper who placed tarpaulins over the pallets.

  1. were loaded; b) was loaded; c) was loading.

  1. Our company ……in the mentioned field for ten years already.

  1. are working; b) has worked; c) have been working.

  1. The Plaintiff ……our Company to ship the goods from Toronto to Nigeria.

  1. hired; b) are hiring; c) is hired.

  1. We hope you ……yourselves and us, time and useless expenses.

  1. saved; b) will save; c) are saved.

  1. The vessel….. in a safe place less than seven hours after the initial tugs were ordered.

  1. were refloated; b) are refloated; c) was refloated.

  1. The total award …..reduced to 96,000$ and distributed among the five vessels.

  1. are; b) was; c) were.

  1. Swedish shippers ….an ocean carrier to export considerable quantities of sawn timber to destinations in the UK.

  1. used; b) is used; c) has used.

  1. The goods …..under the ocean carrier’s standard form of bill of lading that contained the standard conditions of carriage.

  1. was shipped; b) were shipping; c) were shipped.

  1. The Court decided that the shippers …..the terms in the bill of lading.

  1. are subject to; b) was subject to; c) were subject to.

  1. Any owner of the vessel …..to perform any acts in respect of the vessel.

  1. is entitled; b) entitles; c) are entitled.

  1. The master of the vessel …..responsible for the management of the vessel including navigation.

  1. are to be; b) shall be; c) may be.

  1. Orders of the Harbour Master of the seaport …..within the scope of his authority shall be binding on all vessels, organizations and persons present in the port.

  1. issuing; b) issued; c) are issued.

Check your vocabulary knowledge

1. Bill of Lading is signed on behalf of…

a) Carrier; b) Charterer; c)Owner of the goods.

2. The loss of goods during the voyage is to be paid by…

a) the Shipper; b) the Carrier; c) the Consignee.

3. The Carrier shall be liable for damage and loss of goods…

a) after loading and prior to discharging; b) prior to loading and after discharging; c) after loading them on board and prior to stowing them into warehouses.

4. The Carrier’s liability for the goods will cease…

a) when goods have been delivered to the Consignee; b)when goods have been stowed into warehouses; c) when the goods have passed ship’s rails upon discharge.

5. The goods taken on board the vessel…

a) undamaged; b) in apparent good order and condition; c) unpacked.

6. If the Merchant fails to take receipt of the goods the Carrier shall be at liberty to…

a) land the goods on the quay; b) sell the goods to another company; c) leave the goods on board.

7. Bill of Lading is concluded between….

a) the Carrier and the Cargo Owner; b) the Shipowner and Charterer; c) the Shipper and the Master.

8. The Consignee can refuse to take delivery of the goods if…..

a) the bill of lading is dirty; b) the bill of lading is clean; c) the bill of lading is signed by the Master.

Name specific commercial term

1. Damages sustained due to intentional and reasonable contributions and expenses made for the purpose of saving the ship, freight and cargo from general danger and distributed between contracting parties in particular proportion.

a) demurrage; b) lien; c) general average.

2. A document acknowledging the receipt of cargo for shipment.

a) Bill of Lading; b) Cargo Manifest; c) Cargo Plan.

3. A company (Operator) which undertakes to deliver the goods to the point of destination in due time either by his own ship or by the ship chartered.

a) Merchant; b) Stevedoring Company; c) Carrier.

4. Money paid to the Shipowner for carriage of goods.

a) dispatch; b) freight; c) demurrage.

5. A number of days stipulated by the Charter for cargo operations and for docking.

a) dispatch days; b) general average; c) lay time.

6. Carrier’s option to detain all cargo fully or partly on board until freight is paid.

a) deadfreight; b) lien; c) demurrage.

7. A person who employs a ship to carry particular cargo between specified ports and for an agreed period of time.

a) Shipper; b)Shipowner; c) Charterer.

8. A person or a company which sends the goods from the port of loading to the point of discharging.

  1. Shipper; b) Receiver; c) Surveyor.

9. An item in Ch/P or in B/L under which all disputes shall be settled according to Hague or Hague-Visbu Rules.

a) War Clause; b) Paramount Clause; c) Lien.

10. Freight for shortshipment.

a) deadfreight; b) lien; c) freight rate.

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